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Change in selection process at IITs

edited February 2012 in Engineering
Recently MHRD & IIT Council have decided to abolish the old method followed in IITs for selecting students. From 2013 IITs are in the view to give 40% weightage to XII marks and 60% to JEE score.

Do you think it is a good move? Few are of the view that giving weightage to board marks will worsen the quality of IITs and make them equal to other b grade engineering colleges in country.

Other side experts are of the view that students who take coaching for JEE will mug up formulae and learn shortcut methods to ace JEE and hence these students don't know the logic or theory behind.

For me both arguments seem to be valid? What are your views!

Should IITs stick to the old method that is admitting students based on JEE score alone or give importance to board exams?


  • I would like to ask several questions . 1) 11th standard marks will
    also be added or not . 2) How much weightage will PCM (Phy, Chem, Maths
    )exam for JEE will include .3) If student got less marks on Board , the
    he will not get any IIT.

    Note :- Due to this change many students can SUICIDE bcoz they have joined the coaching and may appear on JEE 2013.

    SO it will be better to take this pattern on track from 2014 or 15.

  • Jai,

    Your views are correct, students are suffering because of the changes that are announced every now and then. Government or IIT Council should first clarify how do they normalize marks across several boards? They are approaching Indian Statistical Institute to seek a formula which can normalize marks across boards.

    What ever they may do it is still an assumption or an equivalent can't measure exactly.
  • hello,srikant
    I want little advice,I want to do my carrer in technological i.e i want to do my carrer in the feild which contains new technologies in it and has a good salaries....i dont exactly have any idea which feild it is?i have gone now in 12th,my subjects are PCMB,hindi,i dont want hindi  i wanted to take IT but unfortunately i got hindi.I also talked to principle but he said ,"it is not possible now to change subjects, seats for IT are full but you can take CS."but i have heard from everyone whomever i have asked that,'dont take CS it is hard and u will not understand because u were not having this subject in 11th'.
    what should i do?and do language subject has any waitage for board exam and CET or NEET.
    i am good in studies i have got 92% in SSC.and i am good in studies but i am confused plze help me.......
  • Did you mean CS for computer science, IT for Information Technology. If so of the two CS is better, if you want to study Engineering write ISEET 2013 which is exam going to replace IITJEE & AIEEE. There is one more option that is IPM course in IIM Indore you can concentrate on that. Go to or read about ISEET at
  • Thankyou sir,for your help.
    Sir where i can get perfect information about various options after 12th in engineering...
  • The new selection process to be effective from next academic year in IITs has been finalized; there will be JEE Main and JEE Advanced instead of AIEEE & IITJEE. JEE Main and JEE Advanced will be held on different dates, JEE Main will be taken by students before their XII board exams and JEE Advanced after the board exam results are announced,

    Student in order to qualify for the JEE Advanced must be in the top 20 percentile pool of their respective boards, 150,000 such students will be eligible to qualify for JEE Advanced which takes into account the score of JEE Main and Top 20 percentile list.

    To know the summary report of IIT Council meeting go to
  • Yes,
    marks of all five subjects will be considered. Merit list which will now give
    40% weightage to the performance of the aspirant in his/ her class XII results.
    And the biggest shift is that all the five subjects including languages and
    electives, apart from mathematics and physics, will be taken in account. But
    don’t get baffled, your school and moreover over your IIT preparation center
    will guide you properly in this regard. Catalyzer Institute, Indore conducts
    few induction classes for solving these kinds of doubts.   
  • Candidates who did not get the opportunity to complete their bachelor's from IIT. They should not loose the hope.There is an IIT JAM Exam which is conducted to pursue your master's from IIT or IISC institute.Everyone wants this kind of opportunity.IIT JAM online application process will start soon so keep yourself updated with the important dates.

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