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How should a BE electrical student prepare for the SSC 2018 examination?


If you want to crack next year SSC CGL Recruitment Exam then you should first make your strategy for study.

First of all acquaint yourself with the whole pattern of this exam and then try to solve 2–3 previous years papers. By doing this you will get the rough idea of the type of questions asked.

Our target should be to finish the whole syllabus by May end. For that manage your timetable as per your convenience but I think daily 5 hours study is must. One hour each for GK, Reasoning, English and 2 hours for Maths.

Gk :

  • First day complete any 1 chapter and next day solve the objective questions of that chapter. You can also search on internet for objective questions. Likewise 3rd day another chapter and 4th day its objective.
  • In this way 3 chapters will be prepared in a week. Leave Sunday for revisionand also read and watch news.
  • Hence, slowly and steadily your GK will be prepared. You can study in this order.


  • Practice daily 1 hour from any book that you have… that’s enough…because at last when we will solve the practice papers then this section will be covered.


  • Its preparation can be divided into two parts…first for grammar and second for vocabulary.
  • For grammar I suggest students the combo of two books..
    • If you have basic knowledge of English then read SP Bakshi + Mirror of common error for English Medium.
    • And if you are from Hindi Medium then read KD campus + Mirror of common error.
  • The combo of these books will definitely enhance your knowledge of English which is required for this exam. And repeat these books again and again so that all the rules get mug up in your mind.
  • Now, vocabulary contains mainly one words and idioms and phrases. For them you can use any book or download PDFs from internet. Learn 10 One Words and 10 Idioms daily…That’s enough for this.


  • This paper can be a game changer in SSC CGL.
  • First of all make a list of all the chapters asked in SSC . Divide them in two parts (1) Basic arithmetic (2) advanced maths.
  • Now prepare them chapterwise either by Rakesh yadav class notes or any other book that u have. Hindi medium students can use Platform publication.
  • Build the strong concept for each n every chapter along with short tricks for SSC CGL Maths Notes.
  • After learning each chapter practice its questions either from Kiran chapterwise or Rakesh yadav chapterwise.
  • It will take time to build concept. But take your time. If you don’t get any question then ask your seniors or search over internet or on YouTube.

At last in June and July …its practice time. Buy any offline or online test series. And give at least 70 to 80 mock tests before exam. It will definitely boost your confidence.

Thanks for Reading. Hope It will help you.

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