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How can I increase my marks from 300 to 350 for CGL tier 2. I'm continuously getting 300 in mock?


If you get 300 out of 400 in mock test in which maths and English both included then your average marks in one subject is 150. You have almost one month for SSC CGL 2017 TIER 2 preparation.

If you got 150 in English, it is good but you can improve your 15–20 marks. And you need to get almost 180- 190 marks in Maths.

Maths is one of that subject in which you need to more practice and you can get 200/200 marks.

Firstly you need to know that what makes you mistakes in mock. If you got then you can practice and improve your marks. you should focus on your weak points for English and Maths also.

If you forget formulas, tricks then learn and practice and try to solve with accuracy.

Practice for those topics which you have weak concept. If you have any doubt, ask your teachers. You can take help of SSC CGL Maths Notes.

I hope, if you find your weak topics and practice them then you will get improved your mock marks from 300 to 350.

Work hard and prepare well. Best of Luck.

Thank You!!

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