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What is the difference between a Business School and a Management College. [Explained]

edited September 2015 in MBA
In the current scenario, students are often bombarded with hundreds of emails from Business Schools, Education Portals and through SMS Marketing about thousands of Business Schools and Management Colleges.

What is a Business School and what is a Management College?

Business School: An Institute which is specifically meant to offer only Management Courses are termed as Business Schools or BSchools. Example the IIMs are B-Schools, the IIMs don't offer any other courses like B.Com, B.E / B.Tech.

Management College: An Institute or college which offers the traditional management programmes from Universities. These colleges also offer other University programmes such as B.Com, BBM, B.E / B.Tech in the Institute under a different name. Majority of the resources like the campus, faculty and infrastructure is shared among all the students pursuing different courses. Examples: Any Engineering or Degree college offering MBA Programme. For example RV Institute of Management offers MBA Programme, RV College of Engineering offers Engineering.

Course wise which is better and why?

It is always better to go for a Business School for the management courses. You go to a Dermatologist for skin related problems, because you know he is a specialist. In the similar way BSchools are meant for teaching exclusively management courses.

  1. The fees of B-Schools are comparatively higher than the traditional management colleges.
  2. It is not always easy to get admission in a Business School, Business Schools have a tough selection criteria as compared to management colleges.
  3. In most cases, Business Schools are autonomous or independent management schools
  4. Management colleges are University controlled, the selection process is designed on the basis of a Common Entrance Test conducted across the State
  5. Business Schools attract students from all parts of the country, Management colleges however are restricted to a City or State
  6. Business Schools strive to deliver practical curriculum, Management Colleges mostly offer University syllabus only
In my opinion it is always better to go for a Business School, if you are looking for Masters courses in Management. Business Schools offer PGDM, PGPM or MBA Programmes. Read Difference between MBA & PGDM

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