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Why in a country like India, NEET was not needed at all?

edited July 2013 in Medical Sciences
Don't take me wrong when I say that a country like India, I mean it in a good sense. If anyone has not known that the apex court has quashed NEET entrance exams, I advice them to go through this post. India is a diversified country, each state is more or less like a country itself. Right from the language they speak, the culture, the curriculum taught in schools & colleges is also different.

When MCI has dared to take the decision to hold a common medical entrance exam for undergraduate & postgraduate courses none of the states have come forward initially. But then the MCI had forced it's decision on the states, universities, private medical colleges and government medical colleges. The government of Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu had maintained it's stance, they were never part of such a common medical entrance exam. Other states have agreed due to the pressure from the centre, here the Supreme Court needs to be blamed more than the MCI.

It was the Supreme Court who had earlier given permission for MCI to hold the NEET twins and again it says MCI has no right to interfere in the admission process of the private medical colleges. Quiet a pathetic situation for both the parents & students who were a confused lot from the day MCI has announced it's decision.

NEET is not needed because
  1. The syllabus cannot be generalised, considering different states and boards
  2. The counselling process will be an unknown commodity, medical colleges can't wait for months & years
  3. Let each college decide the criteria for selecting their students, negative side some colleges want money in lieu of management seats
  4. Parents with deep pockets can only afford for the management seats for their children, rich students doesn't mean they qualify NEET. Poor and bright students though they qualify doesn't mean they can afford the fee.

If one is worried about how the medical education system is shaping up, except for the merit seats the management seats are sold for the highest bidder (the one who can pay more). I have seen it practically, the deans themselves handle the management quota seats and trust me they are quiet greedy.

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  • I don't agree on this topic. In India, before NEET, every aspirant was facing the problems like:
    1.Filling up so many online exam forms and paying the application fee of all of them.
    2.Travelling to the city of exam centre and then staying their causes extra expenditure and also it causes lack of concentration before the exam.
    3.Different colleges have different criteria according to the state, community etc. 
    4.For Mediocre candidates who haven't passed with good grades, different colleges ask for high donations for the medical seat.
    These are few of the problems that NEET solved for every medical aspirant.

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