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How To Negotiating Maternity Leave ?

The women, who are working and have come across maternity period, must know how essential it is and how difficult it becomes to negotiate maternity leave. Negotiating maternity leave requires some good planning. Here in this blog, we share you some career tips on how to excel in the negotiation process.

1. Know about your company’s leave policies.
Go in a planned fashion:

Take up the meeting your seniors and HR with all the documents needed with proper dialogue. The better you are prepared, the better you can negotiate your maternity leave.

3. Leave your work in right ways:

As you request for leave, tell the manager that you would like to keep checking with the work and status, from time to time. Checking into work status doesn’t mean you are joining your work but that’s a kind of offering peace of mind to your manager that you are loyal to your work and that you plan to make a more

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