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How To Get More Job Interviews ?

how to get more interview calls:

Understand the job requirements:

If you find the job descriptions very similar, yet you need to think about it and you can see the differences. When a company defines as “Technical writer” or “Content writer”, the same might have a different kind of job profile in a different company. So applying for one is not the same way applying for the other and both need different eligibility criteria.

Make sure that your job application is keyword specific:

An essential career advice is that you need to have a keyword specific CV customized. Several companies use ATS to find data from the CV by searching for relevant keywords or phrases. So you need to showcase your relevant skills and experience to get sorted.

Customise your summary or skills section to match the JD:

Your summary telling about your qualifications and skills must be varying for each job you apply for. You need to draw the recruiter’s attention to relevant skills or experience and for that you need to make a strong skill section and that too at the start of your more

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