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How to prepare for CAT 2018?

The pattern in the CAT exams has been changing every year. But with a mix of strategy, plans and implementation you can really score high. In today’s blog, we share some preparation tips for CAT exam so that one could be confident for the day of your exam.

Career tips for preparation for CAT exam

1) Instead of concentrating on every topic, students must try and select the topics in which they are comfortable. Even on the exam day, a student must not attempt all the questions; instead, spend 5 minutes in going through a section and select the questions in which they are expert and skillful. This is an essential and one of the time-saving career tips.

2) To be successful, students must go through the previous years’ CATs questions and understand the syllabus. They must access their proficiency, average or needs improvement in each of the areas. The areas in the third category must be focused on the first then comes second and more

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