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What are some highest paying careers in the field of electrical engineering ?

Before knowing about the highest paying careers, let’s find the names that missed the list, with a minute edge. The 3 below mentioned career paths might not offer the largest annual salaries as per research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), but they would yet provide graduates with a sufficient income.

Firmware Engineer – With a salary of about $86,000 a year, these engineers support a brand’s technical infrastructure through the management of bug and glitches or complete removal.

Control Engineer –Their duty includes handling space flight control systems and also upkeeps civic power grids, and can earn about $93,883 in annual compensation.

Application Engineer – They earn an annual salary of approximately $99,750, and their work includes expert-level support for machine functions and other automated system processes.

With the above mentions, here we share the list of the 5 highest paying careers in electrical engineering:


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