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CAT 2018 How to strengthen your vocabulary?

Looking out to strengthen vocabulary? It is not a single day effort. It helps in communicating well with a concise attitude. One must work regularly on improving the vocabulary. Grasping words is not a problem but recalling them at the accurate time is where one struggles.

CAT (Common Admission Test) dedicates its 1 section (Verbal Ability) to English. Aspirant having a good grip on the words has an edge over others. Good vocabulary enhances the performance in this section which ultimately benefits one to score well.
From the exam perspective, we must plan strategies to build our vocabulary as we have limited time to match the standards of the exam. In this regard, a structured and managed approach with some smart methodology has certain benefits in terms of yielding you out a rich vocabulary.


  • Vocabulary is like the ocean where each drop has its own value. Filling up something like an ocean is not easy it needs time and patience.

    Reading is the best way to increase your vocabulary strength. Spend every day 30 minutes in reading editorials. You can refer to The Hindu, Economist, WSJ or Mint; they have well composed articles. I am sure you are going to come across new words every day. Read novels and try to complete one novel in a week.

    • As you read, make notes of the new words and its meanings, so that you can refer to it in your leisure times.
    • Make use of these words in your conversations with your friends or in writings. This will help you in memorizing the words and store it in your mind forever.
    • If you find any word very difficult, try to make a quote with the word and use it in designing your mobile’s wallpaper. You can do this every day, this will help you in improving your art of writing too which will be useful in the later stages of getting into IIMs and other premier institutes.
    • Watch English news channels.

    As you asked, how to prepare for CAT, let me first suggest you some basic important things to keep in mind always.

    1. Have the grit to stick to the timetable no matter what comes in your way. (Excluding serious conditions :P )
    2. Basics is the foremost thing for CAT. Never jump into solving advanced level questions without being perfect in your basics.
    3. Rigorous practice leads the way to success.
    4. Pick one book; cover all the topics in it respective to a section. Preferably Arun Sharma’s books for CAT preparation. Never go for multiple books to read a topic, it will lead to scribbling your mind with unclear concepts and doubts.
    5. Opt for one online/offline course, which will help you in learning many tips and tricks as well as help you in clearly understanding the concepts and structure your preparation. You can refer to “Handa Ka Funda” online course. It also has doubts clarification live classes, which eases your CAT preparation from home and access to the video tutorials and materials anytime and anywhere.
    6. Take good relaxing breaks of 30 to 40 minutes after 2 to 3 hours of study. It is very important to refresh your mind to increase your grasping level.

    I have written few answers on Quora for CAT preparation with a brief study plan with respect to feasibility for a student and working professional. You can have look on the links below and I hope it helps you.

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