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How much will a NEET topper score in the MBBS?

Once you enter medical college all are equal , be it a NEET Topper or Tail ender. I have seen both types of people. I have seen toppers continuing their legacy and some even tarnishing their name. I have seen backbenchers doing far better than toppers. Scoring per say is not the guiding factor for your performance as a doctor, your knowledge and skills are your sole identity to the world of your patients. Never aim to score, aim for knowledge.

On lighter as well reality note, getting a pass mark in MBBS is equivalent to your 99.99 percentage in NEET.


    1. Well there is no link of how much u score in neet and the way ur gng to perform in mbbs but no doubt if someone have topped the neet exam then he must be that much studious and talented enough .
    2. A topper will be studying in Indias best clg so he/she will be performing really good , but whether he tops at mbbs even is not a surety
    3. I have seen a lot of students getting High scores in neet but not performing that well in mbbs .
    4. On the other hand I have heard abt some studnets who have joined through quota getting low marks even manage to beat the general students in mbbs
    5. So all it depends how hard-working and dedicated ur during ur mbbs doesn't matter how much u worked hard during ur neet preparations .

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