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How do I score 450 marks in NEET 2018?

The score of 450 marks in NEET 2018 is not an easy task and you need a proper strategy to score this much of marks.
The preparation plan for the NEET exam is as below:
1. Study for all the three subjects equally. As the weightage is almost equal for all the subject. 
2. To score 450+ you should have a good grip on the Biology and NEET Chemistry. As the Biology and Chemistry have good weightage and they are also scoring, you can focus on them.
3. Give maximum time to Biology NCERT. Study for 6–7 hrs in week days and 12–14 hrs in weekends. 
4. If you have joined any coaching, then don't miss any class. 
5. Make sure that you know all the diagrams from NCERT. Picture based questions are common.
6. Try to keep yourself motivated. Take short breaks whenever you feel exhausted.
7. Don't worry much and improve your concepts and things daily. 
8. Give the mock tests regularly and analyze them to mark your mistakes.
All the best!!!


  • Despite getting low score in your tests you can score well in NEET due to following reasons_

    1. Your tests may have too vast syllabus while in NEET questions are NCERT based.
    2. These are just practice test,they will help you to get acquainted to exam pattern,time management, etc.
    3. By the end of your preparation you will yourself realise which topics are more important and practising those will help you get a good score.
    4. These test don't count,what counts is whether you have gained a command over the topic which you found difficult in any test,because remember your goal is to crack NEET,not these tests.

    All the best.

  • You will get 450+ marks if you follow this preparation tips:


    Following a well set timetable assists you to remain focused on your objective amid your NEET preparation. Likewise, since you need to complete 2 years’ of syllabus, having a well organized timetable that will enable you to plan your NEET exam preparation. Go according to your set timetable strictly. Be that as it may, stay open towards altering it with time.

    – Make sure that you have some fun as well

    – Assign time depending upon your strengths and weaknesses

    – During one seating, study for at-least 3 hours.


    Periodic practice is recommended amid your NEET Preparation ; else, you won’t know whether you have gotten the hang of anything by any means. NEET practice papers on the Internet can make available entrance exam questions for you. Practicing them would prove to be beneficial.

    – Categorize difficult questions

    – Answer practice questions for every chapter

    – Overcome your weaknesses

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