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Can an average student get 650+ in the NEET in one year of full dedication?

Yes, you can crack the NEET Exam in one year of time.
1. Know the syllabus of the examination well: The very first thing that candidates should know is the complete syllabus for the particular exam. Since we know NEET exam covers NCERT syllabus as well. So focus first on the NCERT.
2. Make a schedule of study for the week: Until and unless you make a complete and thorough schedule of the way you want to study, you will not be able to complete the syllabus. The weekly and daily NEET study plan will help you to prepare in a proper manner.
3. Work on weaker areas: Try and work hard more on the weaker areas to strengthen them. You get to know the weaker areas by the mock tests and practice questions.
4. Do not fall for guesswork: Many candidates have the tendency of applying guesswork to questions they don't know. However, it might prove risky in this case as there is negative marking for a wrong answer. Random guess will be more harmful than advantageous and you need to avoid them.
5. Practice mock tests: The mock tests will help you to get the idea of your weaker areas and also the time management which is also the important component for the exam.While practicing at home, make sure that you keep the time limitation in mind. Try to solve the questions in lesser time so that you have some time for final revision as well.
All the best!!

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