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How do I prepare for IIT-JAM?

To crack IIT JAM 2018 follow these

  • Getting acquainted with syllabus, candidates must know the complete syllabus thoroughly. So that you can not miss any topics during the time of IIT JAM preparation.
  • You must be aware of the latest updated exam pattern and marking scheme.
    • There will be 60 question carries 100 marks and paper divide into the 3 sections
    • Section-A contains a total of 30 MCQ carrying one or two marks each.
    • Section-B contains a total of 10 MSQ carrying two marks each.
    • Section-C contains a total of 20 NAT questions carrying one or two marks each.
  • Refer the top notch IIT JAM Books. Before buying a book make sure that
    • Does the book contains complete syllabus
    • Is it readable & easy enough to grasp?
    • Does it provide enough practice questions?
  • Refer the last year question paper and take online mock test.
  • Try to clear the doubt with the teachers or friends.


  • IIT JAM Exam will be held on 11th February 2018 so there are only few 
     months left for preparation you have to be dedicated and attentive 

    Some JAM Preparation Tips hope will help you -

    Analyze the Syllabus - Its essential to start the preparation, analyze 
     the complete JAM Syllabus through this you may be decided a proper 
     preparation Strategy.

    • Best Reference Books - Prefer best reference books which covers most 
     of the topics of the syllabus and contains previous years question 
     papers and modal test papers also.

    • Solve Previous Years IIT JAM Question Paper - By solving these you 
     will get an idea related to which type of questions will be asked in the
     exam and you will find the weak points also.

    • Mock Tests - Practice mock tests it will help you to strong your weak points.

    • Daily Routine - Study hard daily at least 6 to 7 hours.

  • MATHS:

    – Clarity of concepts

    Clear the fundamental concepts from all the chapters. Maths is brimming with formulas. Keeping in mind the end goal to recall them by heart, comprehend and practice the derivations of the formulas consistently.

    – Solve old question papers

    Solving the IIT JEE old question papers is an unquestionable requirement when you are getting ready for IIT JEE Maths.

    – Appear for mock tests

    Appearing for full-length IIT JEE mock tests help in enhancing your speed and accuracy. It helps in stamina growth.

    – Solving practice questions

    Solving JEE entrance exam questions post the completion of every chapter is a must.


    It is essential for IIT JEE hopefuls the nation over to take a shot at their overall development so as to score maximum. Academic knowledge forms just 60 percent of the entrance exam syllabus. The rest 40 percent of the score relies upon a student’s behavioral aspects and his test taking skills.

    Consequently, students must have a smart and customized study plan that takes care of every one of these aspects and scores higher in IIT JEE.

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