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What are the possibilities of changing eligibility criteria for JEST and IIT-JAM in 2020?


As per my knowledge there are no changes in IIT JAM or JEST Eligibility Criteria. There is no new notification regarding the JEST and IIT JAM Eligibility Criteria changes.

Candidates, who want to pursue MSc, PhD and Integrated/MSc/MTech – PhD programmes must check the eligibility criteria of JEST Exam.

And, if you want to pursue MSc from IITs or IISc then you should satisfy the IIT JAM Eligibility Criteria.

It’s essential for every candidate that he/she must satisfy all the required eligibility by the respective participating institutes.

You can check the complete eligibility Criteria from the official website of JEST or IIT JAM.

If official websites of both exams release any notification related to eligibility then i will update you in my answer.

Thank You!!

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