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JEE Main 2018 Scanned images(Passport size photographs, Signautre) formats

Here I am sharing important information about JEE Main 2018 Scanned images format. JEE Main 2018 Registration process has been started from 01st December 2017. Check here the detailed guidelines for uploading scanned images into the JEE Main 2018 Application Form

Guideline for Passport Size Photograph:

  • Photographs should be taken into passport size form.
  • The clicked photographs should be in colored form with the candidates names and date of birth.
  • The clicked pictured should be in light colored with blue and white background.
  • The candidates should be looking straights towards the camera with a relaxed face.
  • The candidates should be into the formal dress not in informal.
  • A candidate whose pictures with hat,caps and dark glasses will not accepted by the conducting authority.
  • The candidates photographs should be fall between 1 Kb to 40 Kb.
  • The passport size photographs dimension should be into the 3.5 cm (width) * 4.5 cm (height).
  • The image format should be JPEG/JPG.

Guidelines for the signature:

  • Signature has to be done by the running hand by the candidates/guardian/parents.
  • Signature should be done in the black ball point pen. 
  • Signature should be matched with attendance sheet, once the signature will not matched then the candidates application form falls towards the cancellation.
  • Signature format should be JPEG.
  • Signature dimension should be fall between 3.5 cm (width)* 1.5 cm (Height)
  • Signature size should be 1 Kb to 30 Kb.
  • Signature should be done into the white background.

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