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Preparation Tips to crack JEE Advanced Exam

Follow these preparation tips which will be helpful for your JEE Advanced Preparation:

  • Start your preparation in advance, so, you can get enough time for the revision. Start your preparation 7–8 months before the exam and study for at least 6–7 hours daily or more.
  • Before starting your JEE Advanced Preparation you must be aware of the syllabus and exam pattern for the exam. You also need to be aware of the marking schemes of the JEE Advanced exam.
  • Select best books for your preparation. There are many books available for JEE Advanced exam. Before buying any of the book, you need to do a good research on that book. Some books are good some are not, so, buy as per your research. You can also find the books on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • During your JEE Advanced preparation, you need to make notes of all the important topics which will be coming in the exam. It will help you in the last minute preparation.
  • Solve previous year question papers and take mock tests. With this, you get an idea about the topics which will be coming in the exam and practice more for the subjects in which you are weak.

Best of Luck!



    You can plan the journey to the destination well if you know the starting point. You need to know your strength and weakness for any test preparation, like you can be strong in Physics, average in Chemistry and totally clueless in Mathematics. This is important because then only you will create your plan to turn your weakness into strengths and improve your strengths even further.


    When you are preparing for IIT-JEE, you can not just say, “ OH, That person cracked IIT studying just an hour a day. I study for three or four hours a day. It has to be enough.” It does not work that way. You cannot compare performance by clock.5. CLEAR YOUR BASIC CONCEPTS :-

    First finish your NCERT books as these books will create your base & you can learn all the basics. Try to finish entire 11th and 12th syllabus as soon as possible. The JEE syllabus of class 11th and 12th contributes about 45% and 55% of the IIT-JEE question papers, respectively.


    During practice sessions, develop speed in working out the problems. The strategy of solving questions, starting from the fundamentals, will spark thinking process which are essential to enhance and master analytical skill with conceptual understanding. Aim for 100 percent hit rate. This will give you a competitive edge. Speed and accuracy will also allow you to finish the IIT-JEE papers ahead of time, leaving you time for revision.


    IIT is not about solving all questions, but it is about solving decent number of questions in a given interval of time. If you are unable to solve a question, please don’t spend an hour on that, move on to the next question and try to solve easy questions rather than focusing your time and energy on difficult questions. Take more tests. Measure how fast you are able to crack. Time management is crucial in solving IIT papers.

    8. NOTES :-

    Take notes on the tips while preparing for the IIT exam. It helps a lot in last minute revision. Notes are your best friend during exams. They are handy. Books have tons of information which you may not need one day before exams. At that time, notes are your best friends. Always prepare good notes in your own language.

    5. PRACTICE :-

    Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the better it is. With practice you are more comfortable with the questions, also you fine tune your basic concepts.


    There is no point of studying if you don’t remember it. Our memory fades away gradually. Without proper revision we will not be able to retain things in our mind. Revision plays a cardinal role in our preparation.

  • Here are the best preparation tips for jee advanced exam:


    This is the sole tool which will work in long haul. There is no alternative for training and you have to practice in order to enhance your speed and confidence. It will likewise enable you to comprehend your knowledge related to the subject and the various areas of the IIT syllabus, on which you need to work more.


    Basics help us to understand the question and the set trap. The vast majority of the JEE questions test your basics as opposed to your formula recollecting abilities or speed. On the off chance that your basics are solid, then you can comprehend the question exceptionally well and answer it certainly. You can refer your 12th standard books to clear your basics or some of the best books for IIT JEE which are beneficial for some particular topics. You can likewise reap in the advantage of group study with your companions and can find answers to your doubts.

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  • JEE Toppers Speak”-Last minutes preparation tips for JEE (Main) 2018
    Last Updated - March 20 2018

    20th March 2018, Pune: MIT World Peace University is organizing the event named ‘JEE Topper’s Speak’  at its campus in the Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, Kothrudh, Pune. The event will be held on Sunday, 25th March 2018 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

    As JEE (Main) is a most important examination for entry in Engineering in India and out of 13 lakhs students appearing every year, only 10,000 can access in good IITs, the event Is aimed at motivating the aspiring students. Toppers of yesteryears who are among Top 100 All India Rankers (AIR) will speak with the students those who will be appearing for JEE (Main) 2018 to discuss their secret of success and motivate students to handle examination pressure.
  • Here are the best preparation tips:


    Despite the fact that it’s not a thumb rule to join training classes for JEE, yet it encourages you to keep you on your toes. You have to analyze your preparations with time and a decent coaching gacility gives you that stage. You get an opportunity to rate yourself with your peers and timely test practice keeps you up with your preparations. All these factors would contribute towards a higher JEE Mains rank for you.


    Once your basics are clear then you are prepared to go for the details, for instance, during formula derivation, there are constantly a few suppositions made at last to make it more straightforward however JEE questions begin from those presumptions only, so on the off chance that you are recollecting the final derivation at exactly that point you might be stuck in trouble. You need to go for the details of each one of them, from the IIT syllabus.

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  • You have to make the study plan by yourself,here are soome suggestions from my side-Set a target of solving at least 40-80 numerical problems daily. Including physics, chemistry and, mathematics.Start
    with the difficult areas first. It’s crucial to keep a note of the
    hardest sections and work your way to the easier material.Analyze your mistakes and find your weak areas that often slow you down.As
    tempting as it may be, never quit until you have achieved your daily
    target. Sleep only once you have solved your daily problems.Study
    as per your plan, not by the number of hours. You cannot compare
    performances by looking at the clock. It does not matter how long you
    studied, the only thing that matters in exams is whether you know how to
    solve a problem or not.Read Here More:- How to prepare for JEE 2018/2019
  •  JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination which is engineering entrance exam conducted for the admission to various engineering colleges in India. The JEE exam dividend into two sub exams i.e. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. To do the preparation the first thing you have to do is solve the problem as many as possible. Always note down mistakes and try to correct it.

  • An aspirant need to be very clear that cracking JEE isn’t a cakewalk, but it is not impossible to ace the exam. Here are a few tips to prepare for the exam:

    • Goal Setting: When there is want there will always be a way. Once an aspirant is sure that JEE is his/her destiny then he/she should have the right attitude to set the goal and tackle the exam. JEE requires dedicated preparation of at least two years, hence setting small goals will help in doing preparation and also keeping things regular.
    • Guidance: In the entire preparation process there will be times when an aspirant might feel lost and lose track of the vast syllabus. For eventualities like this, guidance is required to help and bring the aspirant to the right path. Joining coaching centers will not only help an aspirant to get guidance but also coaching materials are must-haves while preparing for JEE.
    • An efficient Timetable: An exam such as this requires precision in planning and preparation. JEE 2019 is less than a year away so having a robust schedule is of utmost importance. Preparing for JEE is not only about studying Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics but also practicing numerous mock tests and solving previous year’s papers. Not having a proper schedule will leave a lot to juggle between and at the end can leave the aspirant confused and lost. In the final year of preparation, an aspirant should accommodate time for self-study, coaching, commuting and recreational activities in the timetable. The 24-hour day will fly past in a jiffy, so a mobile device will help an aspirant to study and to fill in the dead hours of the day.
    • Motivation: Two years is a long time for a person to be doing anything without diverging from it. Monotony and boredom can set in very quickly and keeping up the motivation levels can become tricky. To overcome this situation an aspirant can look to other avenues like webinars, v-logs, podcasts to study and mix things up. It is not important that knowledge can come from books alone. The determination to achieve something itself is a great motivator.
    • A healthy mind requires healthy lifestyle: The most ignored advice by aspirants is about maintaining good health. To be able to do constant preparations, an aspirant will require a healthy body and mind. One should not only eat healthily and avoid junk food but also make time to do some recreational activities. Besides health, this will keep the mind fresh and will help in effective preparation.

    Follow these simple tips to prepare for JEE and crack it.

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