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What if I get low marks in the JEE Main?

Life is not all about JEE MAIN or ADVANCED. Its a long time in your hand to prepare well. And Do score good in boards also. don't neglect it. 

Many students don't bother boards.Remember these marks will always help you in upcoming studies or internships or any job interview. As per your goal you know very well what to do. So don't get demoralized if you get low marks. If IITs and NITs your main concern do try next year and don't forget to appear in others competitive exams also.



  • Their is a possibility that you have scored low in your first attempt. In that case, you can go for another attempt if you are serious enough to crack out the exam.

    Even if you have got a low score in your second attempt, it doesn’t mean you life is finished. Its true that JEE is the window to get into some of the best engineering colleges of our country. But, if one window is closed, then a bit of your efforts can let you see a lot of other possibilities in your life. So, just don’t stay back and go on working hard even if you fail to get through JEE Mains because JEE is not everything in one’s life.

  • Dont worry if you get low numbers, you can go for another attempt. In next attempt you have to try hard and if you want to score maximum number then follow these guideline or preparation tips:  


    This is the sole tool which will work in long haul. There is no alternative for training and you have to practice in order to enhance your speed and confidence. It will likewise enable you to comprehend your knowledge related to the subject and the various areas of the IIT syllabus, on which you need to work more.


    Basics help us to understand the question and the set trap. The vast majority of the JEE questions test your basics as opposed to your formula recollecting abilities or speed. On the off chance that your basics are solid, then you can comprehend the question exceptionally well and answer it certainly. You can refer your 12th standard books to clear your basics or some of the best books for IIT JEE which are beneficial for some particular topics. You can likewise reap in the advantage of group study with your companions and can find answers to your doubts.

    for more tips: Jee main 2018

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