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Is there any difference between Bangalore University MBA & Mysore University MBA

edited September 2017 in MBA
There are some difference between Bangalore University MBA and Mysore University MBA. Bangalore University syllabus, exams, specializations are different, Bangalore University offers Dual Specialization where as Mysore University offers single specialization. All the Bangalore University colleges which offer the MBA Programme are basically located only in Bangalore City, all the colleges offer UG programmes such as Bcom, BBA etc. Only after running any UG course for 3 years Bangalore University gives permission for the Institute to run MBA Programme from Bangalore University.

Mysore University all the affiliated colleges are in the city of Mysore only. Colleges which offer MBA from University of Mysore from other places such as Bangalore run the programme through an MOU from University of Mysore and the corresponding Business School, the mode of delivery or the concept that is coined is outreach programme.

Since most of the business schools don't run UG programmes in their campuses, can't get affiliation for MBA from Bangalore University. So these business schools offer MBA from University of Mysore under outreach mode.

Any degree whether Bangalore University or Mysore University itself doesn't carry any value or weightage. It depends on individual how much he or she is Industry ready.


  • How is MBA from Christ University? How is it comparable with reputed b schools like Symbiosis from Bangalore? Is it worth to do MBA from Christ University?
  • @Tulasi: Symbiosis is an International University and it is very much ahead of Christ University when you compare for MBA courses. Chirst University is having many courses not just MBA. Christ I would suggest for MAT based colleges, it is one of the top management college.
  • Both university are providing MBA degree to undergraduates. Bangalore university providing MBA degree in Dual Specialization and Mysore university providing MBA degree only in single specialization. both are the best university for pursuing MBA. The maximum package provided by the Bangalore university is 22 lac with an average of 5 lac per annum. 

  • Basically the degree are offered by 2 different universities. MBA under Bangalore university offers dual specialization where as the Mysore university MBA has single specialization option only.

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